Thursday, August 21, 2008

Women power on full display in J&K

Amarnath row: Women power on full display in J&K

So strange ! If Kashmiris get pleasure by stamping land below their feet considering they are stamping India as their enemy then why are they in Kashmir ? They should be in Pakistan.

These Kashmiris are a real confused lot. Its pity :-(

Their leadership like the Abdullas & Huriyet are making money from both sides & enjoying & keeping the things hanging. If the issue is resolved they have no stand.

  • Kashmiris should try & visualise the stability that they have experienced for last few yrs. as they had an elected state govt.
  • Kashmiris should realise India has Millions of potential tourists for Kashmir against a few thousands from Pakistan.
  • Kashmiris should realise that just because of Article 370, they are protected & rest of Indians are feeding them with their Tax money.
  • Kashmiris should realise that there is no scope of big time farming of big time mining or big time industries in Kashmir like UP, Bihar, Jaharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc

Kashmiris should realise that they have no prosperity, no future if they merge with Pakistan just on emotional basis.

I strongly believe that this is a known thing for Kashmiri leadership & that is why they are keeping the issue burning & hanging to keep on making money using their own dead brothers & sisters.

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