Monday, December 01, 2008

Rebuild Hotel Taj Mahal in Mumbai !

Dear Mr. Ratan Tata,

I'm very shocked with the recent attack that started on 26-NOV-08 at many places in South Mumbai. Loss of 200+ innocent citizens is the saddest part :-(

I feel deeply hurt for my fellow citizens who lost their near & dear ones. Equally frustrated towards our political system who ignored the hints from the intelligence agencies for a proactive action.

Hoisting the TRI-COLOUR at Hotel Taj Mahal is a very solid statement to the terrorists out there. I strongly wish we should creat a trust that will work for re-building 100+ yrs. old Indian heritage. I feel strongly obliged to participate in re-constructing of Hotel Taj Mahal. We as Indian citizens should re-build this Indian identity that TATA's have given to India.

Not a doubt that Hotel Taj Mahal & Tata Group has enough money to re-build the structure to its full glory. But we should show it to the whole world & to the terrorists & their bosses that we stand united in re-building the national ICON.

I would not want to go to media immediately with this as they will see this as a chance to increase theit TRP.

Please guide me in understanding as to how this should be taken forward ?