Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jan Lokpal & Team Anna are still very much relevant !

We in Karnataka have seen the effectiveness of Lokayuakta

- BSY, as we refer to Karnataka x-CM, cannot be compared with Bal Thakre & Narendra Modi. He is a different individual.
-- He has build BJP in Karnataka over last several years & is worth a CM. People respect him for that.
-- Both BJP & RSS, at one time, had no choice but to use Reddy brothers for their power & money they have.
-- Indirectly, Sushma Swaraj’s power struggle at center also played a role.
-- Finally, BSY made a few bad decisions by allowing his sons a free hand & got involved into relatively small issue compared to some BIG goonda we have in Karnataka politics like the Deve Gowda family.
-- But he had to resign !!!

- Lokayuata police conduct raids on many babus & unearth a lot of black money.
-- These babus do not get punished due to their political bosses is a diff thing.
-- But these raids were also not possible 4 – 5 yes back. The system evolves over a period of time & there is no silver bullet.

- Santosh Hedge has a HUGE respect in Karnataka.
-- And he is also a part of the Anna Team & was also member who drafter “Jan Lokpal”.
-- His credentials are simply unquestionable.

- Then there are 2 BIG time lawyers in Team Anna, Bhushan father & son. They are definitely not joke.

- Nobody from Team Anna ever claimed that “Jan Lokpal” is THE solution for corruption in India, this is one of the tools.

- We need more ppl like Kiran Bedi & Kajriwal, who are the “executers” for this movement.
-- Anna is the face, Santosh Hegde & Bhushans are the brains & these 2 are “executers”.
-- Same like Project Managers (PjMs) in any organisation. PjMs are not the best technical minds, but they know how to get work done.

I’m convinced that movements like this are needed to take future India in the correct direction & I strongly support these & will continue to support. Not because of Anna, but because of the CAUSE.

- Otherwise, the central govt, irrespective of any party, would have not brought even this version of Lokpal to parliement.
-- It got done only because of the efforts of Team Anna over last 1 year.
-- Still long way to go & Dear Anna, we are with you.