Friday, September 14, 2007

Congress (I) say NO to existence RAMA .. a bigger controversy ?

There must be a bigger issue at the background that Congress (I) is trying to avoid attention of Indian public at large. How else can such an old party with so many stalwards like Shivraj Paril, Pranab Mukharjee, etc miss the point that BJP & its sister organisation will not miss the opportunity to corner Congress (I) when they say NO to existence of RAMA ?

These kind of affidavits where Central Govt. (& may be President of India) are party, do not come out of air. This has to be a calculated move. It is not that straight forward, as being projected as a simple mistake.

One motive can be to elevate madam Sonia. So the Govt. does a mistake & by grace of the great madam Sonia Lord Rama is pardoned. Govt. has taken back the contents of the affidavit only because Sonia intervened. Thus madam becomes great !

Another motive can be some big controversy that was about to be brought in front of the nation & this issue is being used to divert attention.

Dr. Manmohan Singh we know you are not such a BIG fool not to make out the obvious fall-out of this kind of issues. You are the only person we respect & we trust in running this nation. You should make Congress (I) & also Sonia to introspect.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mr. Sachin Tendulkar: It is time we take tough stans !

Sachin Tendulkar should have not accepted any advances from M F Husain. The question mentioned by the editor at the below link is 100% valid:

"Will any Muslim player ever visit Danish Cartoonist? It is only Hindu player visits person like M F Husain who has drawn nude and obscene paintings of Hindu Deities and Bharat Mata."

Refer to this link to see what M F Husain thinke of Hindu Deities ..

Tolerance is very good quality that we Hindus have but there are limits to it. It is not bad nor a coward act to stick to your religious positions & demand a certain respect. Sachin Tendulkar should not be any exception to this.