Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Is India religiously intolerent ?

As usual so called secular media has started asking this question after the unrest in Orissa. NDTV is conducting one such poll --

We should 1st answer following questions:
- Do we have 2 Christian groups killing each other in India: catholic & protestent ?
- Do we have 2 Muslim groups killing each other in India: shia & sunni ?
- In last 300+ yrs. of Indian history do we have a single incident of mass killing self generated by Indians ? Killing Indian ?
- How else do we justify that Jwes & Parcies came to India settle & flurish ?
- Why do Christians want to increase their number on this earth ? Can they not just help the needy & not ask for conversion in return ? Does this not become asking a price for the so called social service ?
- The Pope comes to India & declears that the coming decade will be used to convert Asia to Christinity ?
- In USA, in certain schools you have to be a Christian to get admission. Where as in India we have special schools & colleges run by minority communities (Christian & Muslims) & they get land free form Govt. ?
- And we Indians are religious intolerent ?
Instead of telling the whole world how Indians are religiously intolerent, should we not spend our energies to find the root cause behind this unrest The real caues ?