Thursday, April 12, 2007

BJP's advertise in UP & TIMES NOW

"क्या इनके इरादे पाक हे ?" on 10 & 11-APR-07 this created a a contraversy in UP.

Actually it is a self generated controvescy by media.

I happen to see a debate on TIMES NOW about this on 11-APR-07, evening 9 PM news. The anchors were hell bend to call BJP a communal party & were not ready to listen to either Prakash Jevdekar or the other journalist that they had called for the debate.

Prakash Jevdekar made it clear that BJP has plans to release 7 such advertises on 7 topics during the UP elections & this one was 4th in the series. The TIMES NOW anchors were least intereasted to acknolodge the earlier 3 advertisements & finally he cut short the debate ending it in his favour saying UP elections are most communal so far.

If TIMES NOW had planned to close the discussions i their way, why did they call the other participants for the debate ?