Sunday, November 12, 2006

Helmet Compulsory in Bangalore !

Starting from 1st NOV 06, the police in Bangalore has started enforcing the helmate rule religiously. Many news-papers have published of police collecting lakhs as fine.

I'm proud of Bangalore police enforcing the law. But ? Am I proud of Bangalore police ?

Remember our beloved CM's son & honorable ex-prime minister's grand-son ? Where is he ? I guess should be driving his Hummer ready to beat some more poor hotel staff. So the law of land is for the poor janata of the land & not for the masters ?

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Youth trying to see Indian PrimeMinister

I strongly feel that it was an event un-necessarily blowen up by the STUPID media.

I was in Delhi a few months back & I also had the same urge to go & see Mr. PrimeMinister. It was like I have come travelling from 2000 KM & spending lots of money & energy .. and I would be very lucky to see him.

The security guards should be punished for not stopping the youth. Why did Sahara dismissed their employee is a puzzle.