Friday, October 10, 2008

BIG roads being mis-used by transport lobby :-(

All the major roads in WhiteField are big enough to handle normal traffic. For example road leading to ITPL or the road opposite SaiBaba Hospital. These roads are really huge. BUT, as seen in the below images all the time 1/2 the roads are occupied by so called CABS. And looks like there is no solution to this :-(

There is a HUGE vacant plot adjacent to the BMTC Depo in Whitefield. In 1 corner it has a BIG water tank, so it should be a BWSSB plot, I assume. Why can't this plot be used to park all the stray CABS / BUSES & keep the road empty for normal use + BWSSB (or who ever is the owner) will also make some money. The authorities (BBMP I guess) should make it compulsary for all the CAB owners to park in this designated space & charge a min of say Rs. 2/- per day.