Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What measures should the BBMP take to attend to bad roads?

I travel on Old Madras road every day to ITPL area. I have noticed many small bottle-neck along the way. If BBMP works on these small things, the same road can be de-conjusted very easily & used effectively. My small suggestions:

1 - intersection of the fly-over coming from Hebbal direction & other flyover starting for Hoskote. There is a bus stop on either side of the road here. It will help if the road divider is blocked completely, say by a concrete wall, so nobody can sneak in + build a road over bridge for pedestrians to cross.

2 - Tin Factory bus stop near HP petrol bunk is s BIG BIG mess. BBMP should ask BMTC to make it compulsory for the city bus drivers to use the designated bus stop only, that actually have good space on left side of the road. If we enforce this, all city bus users will get habituated sooner or later & the area just opp to the HP petrol bunk can be used more effectively.

3 - KR Puran Rly station, we need an underpass here. There is no other alternative. I guess some corporates will be happy to finance this project under PPP use the space for advertisement.

4 - recently there is a new HUMP that has come up just after K R Puram Rly station, opposite Lowry Memorial High School. This is working as 1 more extra obstacle to the traffic. I understand that it is needed for the school's children to cross at school time but the solid speed-breaker is there creating traffic problem during all non-school timings as well. I have also noticed that the school vans stop on the other side & kids cross the entire road. The school vans should be asked compulsorily to get inside the school's compound to alight the kids. This will release some more pressure.

Many more such small adjustments can be done along the road till ITP to ease the traffic pressure.

Ultimate solution will be either Metro / Mono rail along this route or a Road-over-Bridge on the lines of Hosur Road.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Women power on full display in J&K

Amarnath row: Women power on full display in J&K

So strange ! If Kashmiris get pleasure by stamping land below their feet considering they are stamping India as their enemy then why are they in Kashmir ? They should be in Pakistan.

These Kashmiris are a real confused lot. Its pity :-(

Their leadership like the Abdullas & Huriyet are making money from both sides & enjoying & keeping the things hanging. If the issue is resolved they have no stand.

  • Kashmiris should try & visualise the stability that they have experienced for last few yrs. as they had an elected state govt.
  • Kashmiris should realise India has Millions of potential tourists for Kashmir against a few thousands from Pakistan.
  • Kashmiris should realise that just because of Article 370, they are protected & rest of Indians are feeding them with their Tax money.
  • Kashmiris should realise that there is no scope of big time farming of big time mining or big time industries in Kashmir like UP, Bihar, Jaharkhand, Gujarat, Maharashtra, etc

Kashmiris should realise that they have no prosperity, no future if they merge with Pakistan just on emotional basis.

I strongly believe that this is a known thing for Kashmiri leadership & that is why they are keeping the issue burning & hanging to keep on making money using their own dead brothers & sisters.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amarnath land row: pathetic reaction sitting in USA

09-AUG-08, TOI has a NEWS -- Amarnath land row: Talks fail, stir to continue. 3 replies / comments / reader openion to this & of-course approved by TOI's editor from: Bangalore, Delhi & USA.

The response from USA has an Indian sounding name to it (VKBurman) & this reader is asking "Irrespective of merits of the issue the Sangharsh samiti must suspend the agitation immediately so that talks can be held in peaceful atmosphere" & more.

It is so easy to sit miles away & comment asking to stop the agitation ? Why nobody asks the Kashmiri Muslims to stop their's. Actually that is the place where all this drama started. While all over India, acers of land is being donated / given / transfreerd for many Muslim cause / reasons, why should the Muslim brothers (so called) from Kashmir vally bother so much for a small land being handed over for a Hindu cause.

How can somebody fail to see the across-border agenda behind this ? Is this gentalman one of the CPI / CMP caders ? Burman sound like that ! Again & again asking Hindus to keep quiet :-((

Thursday, August 07, 2008

J&K leaders have proved that they have no brains

It is real sad story about the Amarnath. All over India the govt has donated / transferred acers of land for all kind of Muslim causes / reasone. When it comes to allocating land to a Hindu temple, everybody is worried about forest & environment. Center Govt. so far followed wait-and-watch policy. It was expected that the Kashmiri Muslims who have driven out Karhmiri pandits should utilise this chance to show their support to the cause & create a friendly atmosphere for patching up the differences with the Hindu community. But the Muslim leaders from the vally have lost a big chance & are following the setarist agenda from their masters across the border. Time & again the Muslim leadership from Kashmir vally proves that they have no brains of their own & are puppets of ISI. A very sad affair.