Sunday, August 10, 2008

Amarnath land row: pathetic reaction sitting in USA

09-AUG-08, TOI has a NEWS -- Amarnath land row: Talks fail, stir to continue. 3 replies / comments / reader openion to this & of-course approved by TOI's editor from: Bangalore, Delhi & USA.

The response from USA has an Indian sounding name to it (VKBurman) & this reader is asking "Irrespective of merits of the issue the Sangharsh samiti must suspend the agitation immediately so that talks can be held in peaceful atmosphere" & more.

It is so easy to sit miles away & comment asking to stop the agitation ? Why nobody asks the Kashmiri Muslims to stop their's. Actually that is the place where all this drama started. While all over India, acers of land is being donated / given / transfreerd for many Muslim cause / reasons, why should the Muslim brothers (so called) from Kashmir vally bother so much for a small land being handed over for a Hindu cause.

How can somebody fail to see the across-border agenda behind this ? Is this gentalman one of the CPI / CMP caders ? Burman sound like that ! Again & again asking Hindus to keep quiet :-((

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