Thursday, August 07, 2008

J&K leaders have proved that they have no brains

It is real sad story about the Amarnath. All over India the govt has donated / transferred acers of land for all kind of Muslim causes / reasone. When it comes to allocating land to a Hindu temple, everybody is worried about forest & environment. Center Govt. so far followed wait-and-watch policy. It was expected that the Kashmiri Muslims who have driven out Karhmiri pandits should utilise this chance to show their support to the cause & create a friendly atmosphere for patching up the differences with the Hindu community. But the Muslim leaders from the vally have lost a big chance & are following the setarist agenda from their masters across the border. Time & again the Muslim leadership from Kashmir vally proves that they have no brains of their own & are puppets of ISI. A very sad affair.

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