Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Indo-US nuclear deal .. will somebody will tell the other side

It is very clear that the nuclear deal will place India in the elite nations. It is also clear that it will improve our relations with USA. Will help us have one more friend on our side to keep pressure on China. Recently Russia is moving close to China & away from India.

Little out of context:
  • China is a cleaver chess player. They have done huge investments in Russia in the oil sector & it will help them to keep Russia to their side.
  • They have created huuuuuge trade deficit with USA & it is well known that USA based Human Rights Groups have no guts to open their mouths against China.
If we fail to pass the treaty it will be a BIG wash off for India in western world. It will probably weaken our stand at WTO. It will frighten the much-needed (Foreign Institutional Investor) FIIs. Will reduce their confidence in Indian investments.


Will somebody talk about the actual nuclear energy ? The electricity ? Do we really need the imported nuclear fuel it ? Will we be so adversely affected without it ? Will the carbon credits pile up so much & make us loose our sleep ? We will not be able to use the Thorium reserves that we have ? Indian scientists have no brains to develop a Thorium based reactor ?

Is the deal for the nuclear fuel & the electricity that we will generate form it or it is for the foreign policy ?

Finally are we going to get the nuclear fuel for free ? The way USA has put conditions on us looks like they (& other great nations) will be giving the fuel to us for free ?

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