Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Are left parties (CPI, CPM & other) here just to oppose everything ?

- Many years back left opposed the computerision of banks & Govt. Offices. They managed strikes as well.

--We know now that it has helped in increasing the transparency at work + has improved efficiency like anything.

- Then they opposed the money revolution; the opening up of economy saying it will make India slave to powerful economies.

-- Again we have seen that it has made Indian businesses more competitive. Likes of Tatas’, Wipros’, Infosys’, etc have acquired businesses in foreign land. Something we had never imagines 6 – 8 yrs. Back.

Now they are opposing the Indo-US nuclear deal saying India is being sold to USA. That it is anti-national. That we will be kept hanging if we do a nuclear test.

And in their own land, West Bengal, their caders are killing farmers who are refusing to give their fertile land for SEZ.

Do left leader think Indian public is brain-less ?

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