Sunday, January 10, 2010

Varun ? BJP's new "youth" icon ??

Does the RSS see Varun Gandhi as a “saffron Rahul''?

With due respect to Mr. Varun Gandhi & both RSS & BJP bosses, I would like to believe this is just a sensational NEWS.

Varun may have the capabilities to be the "youth" icon for BJP but I guess, BJP will do a mistake by promoting him this way, at least at this time. This might create a confusion as the what way BJP want to go & I'm not sure if this is what RSS is asking BJP to do, go the hindu "goonda" way.

I would want to believe that 1 day (may be a few yrs. later) he really takes over Rahul Gandhi 1:1 for BJP. But then this needs to be managed (or I would engineered) very methodically keeping next 5 - 10 yrs. in mind.

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