Sunday, November 18, 2007

RSS IT Milans in Bangalore !

http://www.rediff. com/news/ 2007/nov/ 12vicky.htm this link from Rediff is an able recognition of how Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS is changing with time & has found complete acceptance even the busy (I think so) IT community.

Suresh Nayak, referred as co-ordinator of IT Shakhas, is more a guide then a co-ordinator, with non-stop energy & 200% dedication to the cause. A highly educated electronic engg. himself, he has created a batch of co-ordinators (Karyakartas) who take the cause forward.

I remember we started this as a small gathering of like minded friends at a guest house run for an IT company back in 1999. We used to meet every THU evening for an hr. As the number grew, we got help from Sureshji to shift to a temple nearby & it started as a regular SUN morning Shakha.

I got to introduced to a lots of new friends from various IT companies across Bangalore. It has developed a nice bond among ourselves. As many friends started attending it from other corners of the city + a few friends changed their homes, it was natural to start more such shakhas in other parts. Today there are 34 milans (as we refer to it) in Bangalore, divided into 11 zones (valays).

The group has a place on yahoogroups (rssbangalore) to communicate with Swayamsevaks & Sureshji + other Karyakartas keep on feeding a lot of information for us.

After the 2004 Tsunami, a few IT swayamsevaks, took a week long leave from their office & attended the Tsunami affected on the Tamil Nadu coast. They literally cleared dead bodies along with the local authorities. An IT guy with a fat pay package & habituated to spend the entire day in air-condition office doing this is a RSS effect. We also collected money, cloths & other things from our IT friends for this cause.

Sureshji is such a good gyu, he managed to inspire all IT swayamsevaks to contribute to social service (seva) activities. The IT effect is also evident here, there is a web link for this group as well ..

Many more such things to write. IT Milans .. I would simply call .. a great place to be for INDIAN IT janata

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nandigram .. are Communists Pakistani or Bangadeshi ?

If you see what Nandigram today is you will understand what kind of nationalism/patriotism Communists like or advocate.

It is absurd & illogical to create a WAR ZONE within an Indipendent INDIA :-(. WAR with weapons ? To capture back some teritory ? Are these ppl Pakistani or Bangladeshi ? Nandigram is very much part of an independent INDIAN nation. Can you make out what is happening ?

Communists are intereasted in opposing just for sake of it. They will oppose anything bad as well as good.

It is like they started as an idology to revoult for the supressed but today there are hardly any supressed (thanks to media's reach to every corner) & these fools have no job & no chance to use the weapons that they got from Bangaladesh. So what they do ? They start using it against their own ppl ?

The killed & raped ppl from Nandigram are they not Bengali ? Not Indian ?

It is frustrating & I'm sure every INDIAN must be crying :-( Unfortunately the central govt. cannot dis-miss the state govt. & impose central rule there. They themselves will collapse :-( Otherwise why was the police force from nandigram removed ?