Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bangalore Traffic Police Looting ?

On 14/06/08, I was stopped by traffic police on JC Road for jumping RED light. The inspector collected Rs. 400/- for this. But the fine is Rs. 100/- Item #13 (190 class 119). The inspector did not charge me with any other offence.

I 100% agree that I was rushing & did jump RED signal but does this mean the traffric police should ask for any money ?

I cannot understand & talk Kannada, is it wrong ? There were 2 constable + 1 officer. They stopped a Taxi & the driver was allowed to go by paying Rs. 200/- as he could bargain in Kannada.

The chalan no is 541791 & Sub-inspector is Shanmukha B. R.

As I was with my wife + all the 3 traffic police were talking only Kannada (or at least showing like that), I had no choice but to pay him what he asked.

I'm not a casual offender & I accept my mistake & am ready to pay the requied fine as per the law. But me not knowing Kannada is my mistake :-(